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29 Jan 2016 13:01

DentaL Phobia

  Few people look forward to a spell in the dentist’s chair. According to previous research carried out by the British Dental Association, a fear of the dentist affects around one in four people, but this figure is likely to be much higher in reality as many individuals refuse to admit they are afraid. Those […]

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29 Jan 2016 11:05

Fighting The Sugar In Wimbledon

We brits are a nation of sugar addicts, eating around 700g a week according to recent figures, which is an average of 140 teaspoons a week per person. Sugar is everywhere it’s being highlighted on television in supermarkets and of course us ‘The dentist’ Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth using sugar […]

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20 Oct 2015 10:26

Protect your child’s teeth on Halloween

  Kids love Halloween as it’s the best opportunity they get all year to load up on copious amounts of delicious sweets! Its therefore essential that parents keep an eye on what their children eat. Ultimately, it’s all about moderation, and while that notion tends to go out of the window when kids go ‘trick or […]

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14 Aug 2015 9:57

Dental Implants in Wimbledon

      Replacing missing teeth with Implants  We all know how a smile is important to a person but did you know that even having a single missing tooth could affect the way the rest of your teeth bite together. Your remaining teeth may tilt and drift into the gaps and food can get […]

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03 Aug 2015 10:41

Dentist in Wimbledon

Dentist in Wimbledon If you are looking for a dentist in Wimbledon, look no further than infinitidental clinic. We offer a large range of treatments which are designed to not only keep your teeth and gums healthy but also improve your smile, so here are five reasons why you should choose infinitidental clinic in Wimbledon. 1. Experienced Team […]

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20 Jul 2015 18:03

10% off Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Facial Aesthetics Treatment Open Day 10% Off Facial Aesthetics in Wimbledon None of us can turn back the time but we may be able to help you look a little longer with our Facial Aesthetics treatments. Why don’t you come down to the infinitidental clinic in Wimbledon on Saturday 5th September or Saturday 12th September […]

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