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Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

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What is Botulinum Toxin Type A?
Botulinum toxin Type A is used to reduce/remove dynamic lines, wrinkles and folds by relaxing facial muscles and thus giving a fresher, smoother look. It is injected into a specific muscle and temporarily blocks the release of acetylcholine. This causes a temporary cessation of nerve signals reaching the muscle which prevents the muscle from contracting. The muscle is then relaxed and the wrinkle is reduced giving a smoother complexion.

Botulinum toxin is approved in the UK for the treatment of several medical conditions including migraine, muscle spasm and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). It contains a specifically prepared naturally occurring purified protein that originates from bacteria. It has been used in clinical practice for more than 10 years.

What areas can be treated?
1) Glabellar- frown lines between the eyebrows
2) Forehead- horizontal lines on the forehead
3) Crow’s feet- smile lines around the eyes
4) Eyebrows
5) Bunny lines- nose lines
6) Lip lines
7) Corners of the mouth
8) Neck bands/creases
9) Chin creases
10) Excessive sweating under armpits

How much does it cost?
1 zone/area- £225
2 zones/areas- £250
3 or more zones/areas- £275
Excessive sweating under armpits- £400

How is the treatment given?
The procedure normally lasts 15-30 minutes.

Botox® comes in the form of a powder and is mixed with saline to form the solution which is then injected into the muscle.
Dr Nisha Patel will ask you to pull some facial expressions in order to understand your facial muscles, she will then disinfect your skin and mark the injection sites before injecting the treatment at several points.

Dermal Fillers

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What are Dermal Fillers?
Dermal fillers are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines. Dermal Fillers are great for plumping up deep lines and wrinkles and returning your skin to a youthful appearance. A dermal filler procedure helps to ‘fill out’ and smooth away troublesome lines.
The Dermal fillers that we use at Victoria Road Dental Clinic are approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) and currently well promoted in the UK.

What areas can be treated?
1) Nose to mouth grooves
2) Forehead lines
3) Frown lines
4) Lipstick Lines and lip enhancement
5) Crows Feet
6) Marionette lines- long vertical lines on the side of the chin
7) Cheeks
8) Chest/décolletage

Lip Enhancement
Dermal fillers are used to enhance the lips and create a fuller, but natural looking, lip line. As we age the lips become thinner and smaller, developing those fine vertical lines around the edges that are a real giveaway sign of ageing. Full, plump lips are very youthful looking whereas thin lips can be very ageing and give the face a rather miserable look. We use hyaluronic acid fillers that are specifically designed to restore natural fullness and create beautifully shaped lips.

This treatment is a highly effective way to improve the appearance and restore symmetry without undergoing invasive surgery. The treatment involves using dermal fillers to shape and contour the cheeks.

How much does it cost?
Single tube- £250-350
Additional tubes- £200-£300

A tube is simply a measurement of the anti-wrinkle injectable liquid administered during treatment. Typically, treatment for nose to mouth lines, lips, cheeks, hand and the décolletage area require 1 – 2 tubes whilst marrionette lines require 1 tube. The cost depends on the type of dermal filler you’d like, how much dermal filler is required (i.e. 0.5ml or 1ml) and how many areas you wish to be treated (e.g. forehead and cheeks). You can often save money when you buy a course of dermal fillers.

How is the treatment given?
The procedure normally lasts 45-60 minutes.

Dermal fillers are injected using a very fine needle into a crease line which creates volume under the wrinkles, lifting up and smoothing out the lines. The gel breaks down naturally over a period of 5 to 6 months.

NeoStrata® Skincare Peels

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What is NeoStrata® Skincare Peels?
NeoStrata® skincare peels are a highly effective, superficial peeling system used by medical skincare professionals that is clinically proven to achieve outstanding and predictable results in skincare. The system offers the flexibility of four Rejuvenating Peel concentrations – 20%, 35%, 50%, 70% Glycolic Acid – and two targeted benefit peels for Clarifying and Brightening the skin. This allows Dr Nisha Patel to design a treatment program to specifically meet your individual needs.

What areas can be treated?
1) Glabellar- frown lines between the eyebrows
2) Forehead- horizontal lines on the forehead
3) Crow’s feet- smile lines around the eyes
4) Mouth lines
5) Cheeks
6) Chin
7) Back of hands
8) Chest/décolletage

How much does it cost?
The price is dependent upon which type of peel has been recommended for your skin type.

How is the treatment given?
NeoStrata® skincare peels, often referred to as “lunchtime peels”, are brief in-clinic procedures that are performed by Dr Nisha Patel.
A NeoStrata® skincare peel treatment is a specific technique for skin renewal. A high concentration of AHA is safely applied to the skin for a short period of time and then chemically neutralised to end the treatment. This procedure helps to remove the damaged layer of surface skin cells revealing fresh skin, stimulating cell turn over and encouraging anti-aging effects in the deeper skin layers. A series of NeoStrata® skincare peels can make the skin appear healthier, smoother, plumper, firmer, less oily and more even-toned with fewer acne blemishes.

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